Understanding biological complexity


The field of life sciences is one of the most challenging and exciting paths of undergraduate and graduate study for students who are preparing for work in the 21st century. An education in VCU Life Sciences will prepare students for today’s and tomorrow’s academic and business environments, encouraging them to consider the science of human interaction in their endeavors.

VCU Life Sciences curricula are among the most far-reaching, innovative courses of study in the country. An underlying principle of our instruction in the life sciences is to combine both reductionist and systems-based approaches in teaching so that our students will gain a more complete understanding of the complexities of biological life.

Traditional disciplines
VCU Life Sciences includes all of the academic disciplines that touch on biological life — combining the study of the principles of interactions among all the components of life — whether at the undergraduate, graduate or professional program levels. The following list provides a sampling of those programs supporting the overarching initiative of life sciences at Virginia Commonwealth University.

Graduate programs




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