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VCU Center for Integrative Life Sciences Education

The Center for Integrative Life Sciences Education manages interdisciplinary educational experiences in the Life Sciences at all levels. The doctoral program in Integrative Life Sciences is the flagship program within this center. In addition, CILSE offers summer opportunities to undergraduate and high school students as well as workshops, videos and lesson plans to high school teachers who are seeking continuing educational opportunities. The center also manages surveys on advances in the life sciences.

Examples of specific initiatives

  1. Secrets of the Sequence – 50 life sciences videos and accompanying lessons available at no charge. These have been downloaded by individuals from more than 170 different countries.
  2. VCU Life Sciences Survey – conducted since 2001.
  3. Summer workshops for teachers from across Virginia and the nation – fulfills continuing education requirements.
  4. The Virginia Governor’s School in Life Sciences and Medicine – a 4-week summer program for high school students.
  5. Lewis Ginter Botanical Gardens-VCU Herbaria and Biodiversity Research Center

Virginia Commonwealth University
VCU Life Sciences
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Phone: (804) 827-5600
Email: lifesci@vcu.edu
Updated: 09/29/2011