VCU departmental affiliation:
Professor, Department of Biology
Faculty, Center for Environmental Studies

Hours: By appointment

Ph.D., (Ecology and Evolutionary Biology) Indiana University (1989)

Courses taught at VCU:
• Ecosystems EcologyEnvironmental Dynamics of Rivers
• Environmental Dynamics of Rivers
• River and Estuarine Ecology
• Water Pollution Biology

Research interests:
• Processes that regulate photosynthetic production in aquatic habitats
• The role of primary producers in carbon and nutrient cycling

Recent publications/abstracts/presentations:
Wood & Bukaveckas 2014 Estuaries & Coasts; Wood et al. 2014 Environmental Science & Technology

Zilius et al. 2014 Estuaries & Coasts; Lesutiene et al. 2014 Estuarine, Coastal & Shelf Science

Bukaveckas, P.A., D.L. Guelda, J.D. Jack, R.W. Koch, T. Sellers and J. Shostell. Effects of point source inputs, sub-basin delivery and longitudinal variation in material retention on C, N and P fluxes within the Ohio River basin. Ecosystems (in press).

Shostell, J. and P.A. Bukaveckas. 2004. Seasonal and interannual variation in N and P fluxes associated with tributary inputs, consumer recycling and algal growth. Aquatic Ecology 38:359-373.

Koch, R.W., D.L. Guelda and P.A. Bukaveckas. 2004. Phytoplankton growth in the Ohio, Cumberland and Tennessee Rivers, USA: inter-site differences in light and nutrient limitation. Aquatic Ecology 38:17-26.

Sellers, T. and P.A. Bukaveckas. 2003. Sources of algal carbon in a large, regulated river: a modelling and mass balance assessment. Limnology & Oceanography 48:1476-1487.