Instrumentation for the determination of biomolecular structures by x-ray crystallography, NMR and cryoelectron microscopy is available in several departments. X-ray crystallographic laboratories are in the Institute of Structural Biology and Drug Discovery located in the Virginia Biotechnology Research Park on the medical school campus. These consist of a dedicated crystal growth and handling room connected to an x-ray laboratory with two rotating anode x-ray generators. Data collection on site is done with an MSC image plate detector on a rotating anode x-ray source equipped with a focusing mirror system and cryocrystallography attachment. A large number of graphics workstations are available on a local area network, which also includes PCs, and is linked to the VCU network server. An extensive library of molecular modelling software is accessible from these workstations and in-house expertise as well as formal courses in their use are available. Both 500mHz and 300mHz NMR spectrometers are housed in dedicated labs on the medical school campus and supervised by experienced faculty personnel. Software and expertise in the determination of macromolecular structure by multidimensional NMR are on site and make extensive use of the molecular modelling facility. Fully equipped cryoelectron microscopy facilities are in Sanger Hall on the medical school campus with necessary software and workstations for data analysis. Biological structure studies are coordinated with many investigators in different departments whose projects require structural knowledge, and this provides a fertile array of problems to be exploited through collaborations.