VCU Rice Center

Education at the VCU Rice Center

Outreach and community engagement

Learning should be hands-on. At the Rice Center, it is.

The Rice Center is a laboratory — a big, outdoor living laboratory in which to study our surroundings. True learning about the natural world happens outside, not in the classroom. The natural resources that fit together to create the Rice Center also are educational tools to be used and explored. By involving students of all ages directly in the investigation of their world, they become better stewards of the resources upon which we all depend.

Anne Wright

“The development of the Rice Center as a ‘living laboratory’ provides a fantastic educational opportunity. The more we explore the center’s natural resources, the more interesting natural experiences we find to bring to children, teachers and the general public. I think that all of us, from children to adults, are becoming more and more removed from nature. The educational and research activities that we have developed at the Rice Center are focused on getting people outside and involved, connecting us to plants, animals and the natural history of the world around us. Look over the various programs we offer and come join us for a great exploration of the natural world.”

Anne B. Wright
Life Sciences Outreach Education