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June 25, 2013

Carbon awareness partnership garners awards

On May 9, 2013, Anne Wright and a team of graduate students, Ph.D. candidates and community partners received two Currents of Change awards from the Division of Community Engagement. As coordinator for outreach education for the VCU Rice Center, Wright led the team in developing the Carbon Awareness Partnership, which won the highest award, for best demonstrating the integration of teaching, service and research. It was chosen from among four award-winning partnerships, having also won the award for Exemplary Partnership in Service.

Funded by Dominion, Wright developed the VCU Carbon Awareness Partnership Program to highlight carbon cycling dynamics and sustainability issues for multiple levels of post-secondary students and educators. Following the original workshops that were developed through the Dominion grant, Wright’s partnership developed a Carbon Capstone Service Learning course that trains VCU undergraduates to effectively lead a multi-day carbon module investigation for high school classes, to conduct a scientifically relevant carbon research experiment and to produce an academic poster/presentation to disseminate their research and teaching experiences to the greater community.

Community partners in this effort include: Central Virginia Waste Management Authority; Chesterfield County Anti-Litter Campaign, Franklin Military Academy and Clover Hill, Douglas Freeman, Henrico, Highland Springs, Hopewell, Massaponax, Powhatan, Riverbend, Tucker and Varina high schools.

VCU partners include the College of Humanities and Sciences, the Department of Biology, Life Sciences and the School of Education.