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VCU Rice Center puts out the 2010 Student Research RFP

Request for Proposals
Submission deadline: April 1, 2010

The Rice Center for Environmental Life Sciences is soliciting graduate and undergraduate student research proposals that will advance the Rice Center’s mission in environmental science, health and education.

Research grants up to $1,000 (undergraduate and graduate students) or $1,500 (Ph.D. students) may be used to purchase supplies, defray-related travel expenses and provide partial summer stipends. Eligible research activities are field studies conducted at the Rice Center inclusive of the tidal James River, its tributaries, and associated riparian and upland landscapes. Projects that involve nearby public lands owned by Rice Center partners, such as the USFWS and VDGIF, are also encouraged. Collaborative projects are encouraged and students may submit joint proposals. In the case of joint submissions, the total funds requested should reflect the number of students involved (e.g. a joint submission by two graduate students can request up to $2,000). Within the proposal narrative, students should specify their individual contributions to the overall project.

About the Rice Center
Located on the James River, one of the nation’s most ecologically and culturally important rivers, the 343-acre Rice Center offers field opportunities for Life Sciences researchers and students. The James River is the longest and, arguably, the most significant river in the southeast. Draining more than 15 percent of the Chesapeake Bay’s 64,000 square-mile watershed, it is the one of the largest tributaries to the bay. The Rice Center is located below the fall line at the tidally influenced lower reach of the river in the Coastal Plain ecoregion. The coastal and aquatic landscapes surrounding the Rice Center incorporate diversities of climate, physiography, plants, animals and human influence.

Applications must be received no later than April 1, 2010, and should include a cover letter, a brief proposal (maximum of five pages) that includes project title, introduction, objectives or hypothesis, methods or approach, expected results or benefits, schedule of activities, and a detailed budget. The budget should include total project expenses, not just those requested from Rice funds, and how those additional funds are to be covered (e.g. other grants to the student or PI). In addition, applicants must include a letter of support from a VCU faculty adviser and unofficial transcripts. Award decisions will be made no later than May 1, 2010. Questions may be directed to Cathy Viverette at

Please submit one electronic copy (PDF format) of the proposal to Cathy Viverette, VCU Center for Environmental Studies, Trani Life Sciences, 1000 W. Cary St., P.O. Box 843050, Richmond, VA 23284-3050, phone: (804) 828-2428, e-mail: