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HHMI Science Fest

On Feb. 14, 2010, VCU’s HHMI Pre-college Program hosted a dinner and science fest for students from BOOST, HHMI’s Pre-college program at Duke University. Thirty-five students from the Durham, N.C., area and 15 students, teachers and parents from Richmond, Charles City and Hopewell took part in the event. After an ice-breaking challenge and dinner, the group enjoyed activities provided by VCU Life Sciences outreach education, biology, forensics and from the Duke guests.

Fingerprint typing, lung capacity, temperature flux and the effects of multi-tasking on precision provided some of the highlights. A lung inflation station showing the effects of smoking on pig lungs was an eye-opening hit. VCU students from biology’s ecological outreach class, the forensics department and the HHMI undergraduate program manned the stations and gave students insights into college life. This event was designed to give middle and high school students in both programs a chance to meet, share ideas and experiences, and see VCU’s campus. The Duke group then continued on to Washington D.C., for a visit to the Newseum and other Capitol Hill attractions.