VCU Rice Center

Second year eagle

Center for Conservation Biology

The College of William and Mary – Virginia Commonwealth University Center for Conservation Biology (CCB), a cooperative unit of the two universities linked to VCU through the Rice Center, has a mission focused on avian conservation and management issues and is the premier avian research unit in the mid-Atlantic region. Its research efforts extend throughout the western hemisphere. The center serves as a principal adviser to governmental and non-governmental agencies responsible for the management and recovery of avian species at risk and maintains a relationship with most agencies and organizations involved with avian species and land management within the mid-Atlantic region. The CCB is engaged in numerous ongoing field-based projects on many species, habitats and ecosystems of conservation concern. The center manages more than 200 historic databases on birds of conservation concern and houses one of the most extensive collections of specialized field equipment in the region for investigating ecological relationships of bird species.

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