VCU Rice Center

Photo of flowering plant


The Rice Center is a unit within VCU Life Sciences under the Office of the Vice Provost for Life Sciences. The center’s director and steering committee oversee its operations, activities and programs, develop policies and procedures and provide long-term vision and planning to guide further development of the center. The Board of Trustees is composed of distinguished individuals who provide broad oversight of the center’s operations, programs and vision. The board’s bylaws establish committees that assist in the oversight of the many aspects of the operations of the center. 

Thomas F. Huff

“Because of the Rice Center’s location amidst the nation’s most historic river sites on the tidal James River, the center deserves national standing as a place where researchers, students, management professionals, public health officials and cultural historians meet to focus their efforts on large rivers and their riparian landscapes. Rivers are no less important for us now than they were 5,000 years ago at the dawn of human civilization in large river valleys of Africa and Asia.”

Thomas F. Huff, Ph.D.
Vice Provost for Life Sciences
Virginia Commonwealth University