Our team

It takes many hard working individuals to make the Department of Environmental Conservation a success.

Steve Heinitz

Steve Heinitz
Sustainability Operations Coordinator
Email: srheinit@vcu.edu

Steve Heinitz handles multiple contracts for VCU related to confidential document destruction, the recycling of cardboard, electronics, light bulbs, mixed paper, scrap metal, wood and waste management service. He manages the overall functions of the department to include billing, budgeting, purchasing and the recruitment of staff. Steve is committed to making the VCU recycling program flexible to meet the needs of the faculty, staff and students so they are able to participate in its success. Feel free to contact him with any ideas about recycling and he will be glad to assist you.

Robert Chisholm

Robert Chisholm
PPD Inspector for Contract Recycling and Waste Removal Services
Email: rechisho@vcu.edu

Robert Chisholm monitors and coordinates recycling, document destruction and waste removal services completed by Cintas, SSC Housekeeping and Virginia Waste Service.
To request a container for recycling, document destruction and waste removal, submit a work order thru quikfm.vcu.edu or contact the FMD Service Center at (804) 828-9444.

The Service Solutions Corp. Housekeeping staff service the recycling and waste containers inside VCU buildings. Recyclable items are placed together in a single stream recycling container outside each building for pick-up by Virginia Waste Services. Virginia Waste Services transports the recyclable items to their material recycling facility, or MRF, in Chester, Va., for processing, which includes separation of the recyclable materials into paper, plastic and metals as well as the removal on any contaminants.