Monroe Park Campus

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday

1000 W. Franklin Street

612 N. Lombardy Street

1508 W. Main Street

1315 Floyd Avenue-
Dance and choreography

1103 Marshall Street

Anderson House

807-809 W. Broad Street

1509 W. Main Street

10 N. Brunswick-
Dance Center

1312 W. Main Street

Bird House

817 W. Broad Street

701 W. Grace Street offices

Grace E. Harris Hall

1314 W. Main Street

Blanton House

906 W. Broad Street

Academic Support Education Annex

Oak Street-Grounds department

Cathedral and Laurel Street buildings

Bowe House

Ackell Residence Center

Anderson Gallery

Oliver Hall-Education

Cary and Harrison Parking Deck

Buford House

Bowe Street-SOA 5th Floor


Oliver Hall-Physical Science

Child Development Center

Founders Hall

Brand/Rhoads Hall

Cabell Library

Rehabilitative Research Center

Parking and Transportation

Franklin Street Gym


Hibbs Hall

School of Education Grant


Franklin Terrace

Broad and Belvidere apartments

Mosley House

T. Edward Temple Building


Ginter House

Business Services

Music Center

Trani Life Science Building



Community programs

Parking Office West Broad Street

Mary and Frances Youth Center


Harrison House

FMD-700 W. Grace Street

Performing Arts



Hunton House

Grace Street Theatre

Pollak Building



Interdisciplinary Studies

Human Resources

Post Office-Hermitage Road



Kearney House

Lafayette Hall




McAdams House

Lindsey House

Shafer Street Playhouse



Meredith House

MCV-Sports Medicine

Sitterding House



Millhiser House

School of Arts

Sports Backers Stadium



Mood Disorder

School of Engineering-East

Welcome Center



Presidents House

School of Engineering-West




Raleigh Building

Snead Hall





Student Media Building




Scherer Hall

Survey Research




Scott House

TAB, 701 W. Broad Street




Seaboard Building





Stagg House





Stark House





Stokes House





Student Commons





Thurston House





Valentine House





VCU Alumni Affairs





White House





Williams House





VCU Alumni Affairs





Younger House





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VCU Medical Center

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday

700 E. Franklin Street

Beers-Newton House

Ambulatory Care Center

AD Williams Pharmacy

10 East Franklin

701 E. Franklin Street

Egyptian Building

Biotech 3

Grant/Leigh House

Biotech 1

900 E. Main Street

Hospitality House

Children’s Pavilion

Main Hospital

Cabiniss Hall

Alumni House Child Care Center

MCV Bookstore

Museum of the Confederacy

Old City Hall

McGuire Hall and Annex

Clinical Support Center

MCV Foundation

Richmond Academy of Medicine

Sanger Hall B3-5 floors

Lyons Dental

Bear Hall

MCV Recreation Center

School of Nursing


Parking Office-
8th Street Parking Deck


PPD Administration Building

Strauss Labs

Smith Building

Theatre Row

Massey Cancer

Virginia Treatment Center

Tompkins-McCaw Library


Woods Dental

Medical Science Building


Zeigler House

West Hospital B-7th floors







Sanger Hall 6-12 floors





West Hospital 8-17 Floors





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If your recycling has been missed contact the Facilities call center at (804) 828-9444.