What to recycle

VCU Recycling

VCU Recycling accepts a wide variety of paper products and other materials for recycling.

  • Cardboard boxes
    Remove Styrofoam packing material and breakdown. We also accept empty pizza boxes.

  • Mixed paper
    Cereal and food boxes, file folders of all colors, hardcover textbooks, junk mail, magazines, newspapers, paperback books, phone books, shredded office paper (place in a bag for collection), spiral notebooks, white and colored paper.

  • Plastics, metals and glass
    Plastics containers #1-#5 and #7, to include: detergent and shampoo bottles and yogurt containers, aluminum and metals cans, glass containers (all colors). Note: plastic bags/film, Styrofoam and lab/Pyrex glass are NOT ACCEPTED.

  • Electronics
    Computers, copiers, monitors, printers, scanners and microwaves. Cables, keyboards, mice and speakers are also accepted.

    Departments need go to through Facilities Management Surplus Property prior to arranging for pick-up.

  • Ink-jet and toner cartridges
    Place your used ink-jet or toner cartridges in the prepaid mailing envelope provided by the manufacturer and have VCU Mail pick up.

    Ball Office Products will pick up used ink-jet and toner cartridges when orders are placed for office supplies.

    Please visit our Documents and online resources page for other options.

  • Scrap metal
    Any type of steel and metals to include such items as chairs, desks, filing cabinets, lab and office equipment. Note: These items will be evaluated by the VCU Surplus Property Manger to determine their condition for either reuse or recycling. The Department of General Services will arrange for pick-up.

  • Wood
    Wood pallets and other non-treated wood items. No plywood or particle board.