About us

VCU RecyclingOur goal is to divert a minimum of 40 percent of the solid waste generated by VCU facilities through waste reduction, reuse and recycling.


Provide convenient and efficient recycling services for Virginia Commonwealth University faculty, staff and students to minimize the amount of waste that is land filled from our operations.

VCU Recycles

The VCU Department of Environmental Conservation provides recycling, secure document destruction and contract waste collection services for VCU academic buildings, dining halls, residence halls and auxiliary buildings, such as the Cary Street Gym. Note: The VCU Medical Center has a separate recycling program for its facilities.

We provide our customers with reliable and competitive service through long-term contracts for paper recycling, secured document destruction, solid waste and universal waste collection, such as batteries, electrical ballasts, electronics and light bulbs containing mercury, i.e. fluorescent bulbs.

We welcome your questions, feedback and suggestions.

For more information, contact Steven Heinitz, the Sustainability Program Coordinator, at srheinit@vcu.edu or (804) 828-2487.