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Dr. Billy R. Martin

Dr. Billy R. Martin
Chairman, Department ofPharmacology and Toxicology

Raphael Mechoulum Award from the International Cannabinoid Society

Our Chairman, Dr. Billy R. Martin received the highly prestigious Raphael Mechoulum Award from the International Cannabinoid Society at the banquet following its annual meeting this year, in San Lorenzo de El Escorial, Spain. The society is an outgrowth of annual meetings that Martin held for cannabinoid workers here on our campus throughout most of the 1980s. Martin served as its first president when those meetings became formalized into a society structure. Martin is the third recipient of this award, which is presented to those who have made the most significant contributions to the cannabinoid field. In making the presentation to Martin, Michael Walker, the President of ICRS, praised the extensive contributions that Martin and his research group have made to the field over the years.


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