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skullsIn the past 30 years, approximately 230 doctorates and 52 Master of Science degrees have been granted by the Department of Pharmacology and Toxicology at Virginia Commonwealth University. The department is unique among basic science departments in the School of Medicine as it utilizes six buildings (Sanger Hall, Medical Sciences Building, Smith Building, Strauss Building, McGuire Hall and McGuire Hall Annex) at the VCU Medical Center.

Departmental highlights

  • currently ranked ninth in National Institutes of Health-funded pharmacology and toxicology programs

  • ranked first nationally for pharmacology and toxicology publication as a percent of institute publications

  • current faculty has published more than 2,200 entries in peer-reviewed journals and trained more than 160 postdoctoral fellows

  • National Institute on Drug Abuse training grant (1976 to 2005)

  • the largest graduate program and the most doctoral degrees (212) awarded in the School of Medicine

We strongly believe that academia, industry and the federal government will continue to demand Ph.D.-trained scientists with specialization in pharmacology and toxicology. The size of the doctoral program will continue to be adjusted to reflect the number of faculty members with funding to carry out a strong research program and support doctoral students.



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