Dennis Ohman

Dennis E. Ohman, Ph.D. -
See Biography Page

Anita Wood

Lynn F. Wood, Ph.D. -
Ph.D. - Virginia Commonwealth University

"Regulated Intra-Membrane Proteolysis (RIP) Control of Alginate Genes"

Jangyl Kwak

Jangyl Kwak, Ph.D. -
Ph.D. - Ohio State University

"Protein-Protein Interactions of Alginate Biosynthetic Proteins"

Warren Rowe

Warren J. "Jamie" Rowe -
Ph.D. Student

"Anti-Phagocytosis Mechanism in Alginate"

Emily Boice

Emily N. Boice -
Ph.D. Student

"Structure-Function of the Elastase Propeptide in P. aeruginosa"

Jean Kim

Jean Kim -
Ph.D. Student

"Activation of AlgB, a 2-Component Regulator, in P. aeruginosa"

Janice Paletta

Janice L. Paletta -
Ph.D. Student

"Acetylation of Alginate in P. aeruginosa"

Eric Fleming

Maj. Eric R. Fleming, U.S. Army
Ph.D. Student - Graduated 2009

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