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AF063097                33593 bp          11-DEC-2002
Bacteriophage P2, complete genome.
Christie,G.E., Haggard-Ljungquist,E. and Calendar,R.

AY135739               32684 bp          08-SEP-2003
Bacteriophage WPhi, complete genome.
Esposito,D., Schmidt,B.J., Bloom,F.R. and Christie,G.E.

X51522                 11624 bp                   14-NOV-2006
Bacteriophage P4 complete DNA genome
Halling,C., Calendar,R., Christie,G.E., Dale,E.C., Deho,G., Finkel,S., Flensburg,J., Ghisotti,D., Kahn,M.L., Lane,K.B., Lin,C.S., Lindqvist,B.H., Pierson,L.S., Six,E.W., Sunshine,M.G. and  Ziermann,R.

AY135486               30636 bp      16-MAY-2007
Enterobacteria phage PSP3, complete genome.
Christie,G.E., Xu,P. and Buck,G.A.

DQ517338               43864 bp      03-OCT-2007
Staphylococcus phage 80alpha, complete sequence.
Matthews,A.M., Christie,G.E., King,D.R., Gill,S.R. and Novick,R.P.

DQ908929               42140 bp     15-OCT-2007
Staphylococcus phage 80, complete genome.
Christie,G.E., King,D., Olivarez,N. and Tallent,S.M.

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