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Bioinformatics Core Laboratory Suite

The Bioinformatics Computational Core Laboratories (BCCL) of the Center for the Study of Biological Complexity are located on the first floor of the Trani Center. The facility, which occupies approximately 1500 square feet, consists of three main laboratories plus offices.

The Supercomputing Cluster contains a two-tower, 64-node Beowulf Cluster with 32 Gbyte of SDRAM, 1 Terabyte of disk storage, a tape backup unit and an uninterruptible power supply. Genomics and proteomics software and databases will be mounted on and maintained on the server for access across VCU. Additional processors are being added. The cluster is networked to the university backbone with GigaBit Ethernet.

The Instructional/Videoconferencing Lab contains teaching, distance learning, and video conferencing capabilities. It has 12 student stations and one instructor station, projection capabilities and plasma screen displays, distance learning and videoconferencing equipment, and other equipment required for instruction.

The Research Core Lab contains eight high-end Intel double boot (Windows/Linux) workstations for research applications. These workstations will be available for use by CSBC fellows and associates for short- or long-term applications. This research core also serves as a smaller scale instructional facility, with projection and teaching capabilities. These rooms are all linked to the university backbone through a dedicated Gigabit Ethernet link.

The SuperComputing Systems Group, headed by J. Michael Davis, consists of a strike team of highly trained operating systems analysts with extensive experience in highly parallel Unix/Linux operating systems. This team is located in approximately 1,100 square feet of offices in the Trani Center and provides 24/7 coverage for the CSBC and the BCCL.


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