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Virginia Bioinformatics Consortium

The Virginia Bioinformatics Consortium, established through a $1.5 million grant award, will help Virginia universities work together on state-of-the-art research and allow individual members of the group to maximize research capabilities at their respective institutions. Faculty at Virginia Commonwealth University, along with those at George Mason University, the University of Virginia and Virginia Tech, are combining their unique strengths and engaging in groundbreaking study and development in the field of bioinformatics, a cutting-edge field of study that uses the newest technology to understand life at the molecular level. The project includes negotiating standards for data management; developing shared data analysis resources; scaling up laboratory facilities at each university; and conducting collaborative research projects. Already, a handful of projects have been identified that match investigators at different institutions, and project planning is underway. The award also will strengthen each university’s bioinformatics capabilities by allowing the four partners to hold joint workshops for faculty and students to promote statewide approaches to workforce training, drug discovery and data management.


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