The dissertation research project should represent a significant contribution to the body of knowledge in its field and should be deemed suitable for publication in refereed journals. The emphasis of the research conducted by students in this program shall be on interdisciplinary research, exploiting the many research opportunities throughout VCU and encompassing multiple scales of study. Since its inception, students in this program have conducted their research in the laboratories of investigators housed in more than 11 different departments. Examples of dissertation projects have included:

  • Enhanced Environmental Detection Of Uranyl Compounds Based On Luminescence Characterization
  • Systematics And Biogeography Of The Didymopanax Group Of Schefflera (Araliaceae)
  • Consequences Of Shrub Encroachment: Linking Changes In Canopy Structure To Shifts In The Resource Environment
  • Linking Physiological Responses, Chlorophyll Fluorescence And Hyperspectral Imagery To Detect Environmental Stress In Coastal Plants
  • Application Of Shortest-Path Network Analysis To Identify Genes That Modulate Longevity In Saccharomyces Cerevisiae
  • Addressing Issues In The Detection Of Gene-Environment Interaction Through The Study Of Conduct Disorder