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Inger and Walter Rice Center for Environmental Life Sciences


Located along Virginia’s largest aquatic ecosystem — the James River — the Inger and Walter Rice Center for Environmental Life Sciences is the perfect location for the study and research of the life sciences. It provides our students and faculty with a living laboratory where they have the opportunity to study the environment first hand.

As a gift from Inger and the late Walter Rice, this 342-acre property includes a 70-acre lake and both pine and hardwood forests and will serve as a major component of VCU’s commitment to the study of life sciences while improving the understanding and quality of life in the Commonwealth of Virginia as it relates to ecology and public health.

As we continue to develop VCU Life Sciences, the Rice Center will be a major component in tackling the challenges presented by the rapid technological advances in the study and conservation of life in the 21st century.

View of Lake Charles

View of James River

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