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eugene p. and lois e. trani center for the life sciences

Eugene P. and Lois E. Trani
Center for Life Sciences
Virginia Commonwealth University’s Eugene P. and Lois E. Trani Center for Life Sciences fosters interdisciplinary research and instruction. The building houses the Department of Biology, the Center for Environmental Studies, the Center for the Study of Biological Complexity, a satellite lab of the Nucleic Acid Research Facility, the Bioinformatics Computational Core Laboratory Suite, and the Office of the Vice Provost for Life Sciences.

The four-floor, 132,000-square-foot facility creates an academic quadrangle on the southwest corner of the Monroe Park Campus. Science and math faculty – as well as education professors who prepare future science teachers – will be within steps of one another’s classrooms and laboratories. The facility contains exciting new learning spaces including seven classrooms, two lecture halls, computer labs, and a student study lounge – all equipped with state-of-the-art multimedia technology.

The life sciences building features 17 undergraduate instructional laboratories. In addition to general biology and anatomy laboratories the building offers specialty laboratories for advanced courses. Those include genetics, molecular biology, bioinformatics, ecology, environmental science, botany, physiology and microbiology.

A rooftop greenhouse is a research-grade facility that can control humidity, temperature and light. The 3,000-square-foot greenhouse supports a pesticide-free room and three environments simultaneously: desert, mild climates much like Central Virginia and tropic.

An aquatics facility, located in the basement, houses up to 20 research tanks for controlled experiments on both marine and freshwater fish, amphibians and other aquatic organisms.

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