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Center for Integrative Life Sciences Education
The field of life sciences is one of the most exciting areas of study today — not just for the student preparing for tomorrow’s career but also for the general public. With the mapping of the human genome and all its implications for research into who we are, what makes us tick and what causes us to become sick, the public needs to be informed of developments more than at any previous time. There are societal, ethical and political issues at stake and only when the public is truly educated on these issues of today’s research will scientists be guided by a ‘general consensus.’

The Center for Integrative Life Sciences Education fosters faculty-community projects developed in collaboration with neighborhoods, civic organizations, social service agencies, the arts community, school systems, and local and state governments as well as major industries, including the engineering, microelectronics, computer, manufacturing, pharmaceutical, chemical and biotechnology industries. These partnerships not only involve faculty, they provide students with opportunities for internships, cooperative education and service learning, as well as exposure to the workforce of the 21st century. The center also reports on the public’s values toward advances in the life sciences.

Center initiatives
The Center for Integrative Life Sciences Education conducts its programs, partnerships and publications at three levels — the national, regional and local levels — to serve the general adult public and K-12 teachers and students.

National level

Regional level

Local level

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