Presentations from the VYTP Coalition Meeting, February 28 and March 1, 2013

Day 1

VFHY Update—Donna Gassie and Marge White

Large Grant Awards 2010-2012: Final Reports

Partnering with Rural Youth and Parents to Design and Test a Tobacco, Alcohol and Drug Use Prevention Program Model, Pamela Kulbok (UVA) and Peggy Meszaros (VT)

Tobacco Use among Youth Receiving Public Behavioral Healthcare Services, J. Randy Koch & Alison Breland (VCU), & Jessica Irons (JMU)

Tobacco Use Prevention and Health Promotion in Virginia Schools: Translating Research into an Evidence-Based Model Curriculum, Resa Jones (VCU)

Adolescent Nicotine: From the First Experience to Neural Remodeling & Mechanisms of Adolescent Vulnerabiliy to Neurobehavioral Effects of Nicotine, Robert Smith and Craig McDonald (GMU)

Exercise as a Prevention and Intervention Strategy for Nicotine Use in Adolescents, & Exercise and Environmental Enrichment to Prevent Nicotine Addiction in Adolescent Males and Females, Darlene Brunzell (VCU) & Wendy Lynch (UVA)


VFHY Prevention Programs: Marge White, Lisa Brown and Martha Lambert


VYTP Small Grants Program Reports

Protective Factors against Smoking Initiation for Sexual Minority and Multiple Minority Adolescents, Christine Kaestle (VT)


Day 2

Workshop—The Population Assessment of Tobacco and Health (PATH) Study, Dr. Kevin Conway, NIDA

Presentation of 2013-2015 Large Grant Awards

What Social and Molecular Factors Drive Nicotine Preference in Adolescent Mice? Karl Fryxell (GMU)

Reducing Teen Tobacco Use via Text Messaging: Motivational Interviewing Integrated with Social Network Counseling, Michael Mason (VCU)

Can Parents Help Prevent Youth Tobacco Use? An Evaluation of Two Evidence-based Parenting Programs, Rosalie Corona (VCU)

Presentation of 2009-2012 Small Grant Final Reports

Which Signaling Pathway(S) Drive Nicotine Preference in Adolescent C57BL/6J Mice?, Karl Fryxell (GMU)

Clearing The Air: Computerized Screening and Brief Intervention for Teen Smoking, Lori Keyers-Marcus (VCU)