About IDAS

Mission and Goals

The mission of the Institute is to advance multidisciplinary research and training on alcohol, tobacco and other drug problems. The Institute’s research and training agenda spans the continuum from basic, laboratory research to community-based treatment effectiveness studies and policy analyses. To carry out this mission, the Institute has established the following seven goals:

  • To facilitate collaborative research and training efforts among faculty from different disciplines (including collaborations across academic departments and schools) in addressing problems of substance abuse.
  • To develop opportunities for international research and training that support the Institute’s mission.
  • To facilitate the application of new knowledge to the development of effective prevention, treatment and policy interventions through the promotion of translational research, evidence-based practices and research on the best methods for dissemination of effective treatment and prevention programs.
  • To maintain an outstanding faculty of addictions researchers and educators by assisting in the retention of current faculty and the recruitment of new faculty.
  • To create new opportunities for individual faculty development, including mentoring for junior faculty.
  • To support the research and training activities of Institute faculty by providing effective business services.
  • To establish linkages with community-based organizations that improve public access to scientific advances in the addictions field and provide opportunities for research and training to Institute faculty and their trainees.