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Brown Bag Lunches Archives

Recordings of CTE brown bag lunch sessions can be accessed below. Please click the  “Access Session Archive” link to listen to the conversation.

  • Jan 28, 2011
    Higher Ed. Under Fire!
    A recent spate of books has ignited a conversation about the state of higher education and the relevance of the traditional university in the future. The critique includes concern over outdated teaching practices, calls for eliminating tenure, valuing research over education, and overhauling the strict delineation of academic departments. Shrinking endowments and cuts in state funding of universities has exacerbated these issues, sometimes resulting in the elimination of programs and faculty positions. Joe Marolla, Vice Provost for Instruction, will facilitate a discussion of these topics as we think through the relevance of higher education now and in the future.

  • Feb 4, 2011
    Sustainability Academics

    The word sustainability has many definitions. However, the most useful understanding of the concept involves viewing human and natural environments as linked systems. It is with this understanding that VCU has begun a process to infuse a systems-based sustainability throughout its academics - whether teaching, research or outreach. This brown-bag is designed to discuss what this means from a variety of perspectives and how it might positively impact the future of the institution. Can sustainability academics lead the academy into a truly cross-disciplinary future, or is it to be just one more fad?
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  • Feb 11, 2011
    Google Scholar: Friend or Foe?

    Many VCU students and faculty members use Google Scholar, but many others complain that it doesn't return useful results, or that they can't use it to find full text. How can we use Google Scholar to get what we want as researchers? John Glover, a reference librarian from VCU Libraries, will be on hand to help facilitate this conversation and provide useful tips and tricks.
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  • Feb 18, 2011
    Bridging Academics and Real-Life: Service Learning @ VCU

    Students can become more engaged in their learning when they are addressing real community issues and applying the knowledge and skills they learn in class. Come and join us as we have a discussion about the opportunities and challenges of integrating service-learning into a course, as well as explore resources at VCU that support instructors' use of service-learning pedagogy. We will have panelists from various disciplines who will discuss their experiences with service-learning, as well as have an open conversation around service-learning at VCU.
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  • Feb 25, 2011
    The Courage to Teach: Is There a Moral Imperative in the Profession?

    Some faculty members think that excellent teaching consists of a fairly discrete set of "skills" that can be refined and polished over time. Others maintain that excellent teaching is only possible if and when we combine these skills with the predisposition that teaching is a "calling." What do you think? Does excellence in teaching require a moral or spiritual component that cannot be reduced to a specific skill set? If so, how do you know if someone has it? How do you get it...or get it back. Please consider joining us to talk about this important, but rarely discussed aspect of the teaching profession.
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  • Mar 4, 2011
    I'm Not that Kind of Doctor: Negotiating the Subtleties of Human Emotions in Teaching and Learning

    We have all had the experience of witnessing how human emotions influence both teaching and learning. We have witnessed it from both the learners' perspective and from that of the teacher. So what role does human emotions play in the teaching and learning process? How can we better recognize how emotions are shaping the teaching and learning process in order to improve our teaching? Furthermore, how can we help our students identify and manage their own emotional responses to their educational experience?
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  • Mar 11, 2011
    ABD v. PhD

    Facing a tight job market, some doctoral students are engaging in the search process prior to the completion of their dissertation. Join Drs. Doug Boudinot and Sherry Sandkam of the VCU Graduate School as they explore potential advantages and disadvantages of this decision, and invite dialogue from faculty and graduate student perspectives.
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  • Mar 18, 2011
    Students and Social Media in Education

    Student use of social media has grown astronomically over the last several years. Facebook, blogs, twitter, YouTube have become common features in the personal lives of today's students, as they use these technologies to socialize and entertain themselves. However, what do students see as the value of using social media in education? Join us for this brown bag session as student members of VCU's Social Media Club share their perspectives of how the use of social media can be used to support learning.
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  • Mar 25, 2011
    Re-thinking Grading and Assessment

    A recent New York Times article brought attention to the issue of grading on college campuses. In that article, one economist noted that "there is no consensus on the right way to grade." Relatedly, there is no consensus on the right way to assess student learning. In this session, we will discuss both assessment and grading with special emphasis on atypical practices such as self-assessment, peer assessment, and contract grading.
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  • Apr 1, 2011
    Exploring Web-based Learning Spaces

    A host of web-based technologies have become available that support open information sharing, collaborative exchange and interaction, which taken collectively can create rich spaces for learning. In this session, VCU faculty members who have used these technologies in their courses will share experiences and facilitate discussion about the changing landscape of learning on the web. Facilitators will also share ideas and questions about the use of learning management systems (like Blackboard) in teaching, and compare them to the use of the open web technologies as spaces for learning.
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  • Apr 8, 2011
    Networked Learning

    Members of a faculty learning community at VCU will share ideas about their exploration of networked learning. Join us to participate in a discussion about the ways in which ubiquitous access to information, communication tools and social technologies are creating a platform to support new opportunities for learning.
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  • Apr 15, 2011
    Exploring Study Abroad

    VCU offers a wide range of international educational opportunities for students including short-term faculty-led study abroad programs, semester exchanges, and more. How can faculty help to ensure that quality educational experiences abroad are accessible to students throughout all academic disciplines at VCU? Stephanie Davenport, Director of Education Abroad in the Global Education Office, will facilitate a discussion of the topic and will discuss the process for creating new study abroad programs, student advising, and best practices for teaching and learning on study abroad.
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  • Apr 22, 2011
    Conceptualizing a World-Class Student Experience
    The recalibration of VCU 2020, the strategic plan for the University, outlines the creation of a "world-class student experience focused on inquiry, discovery, and innovation in a global environment" as a central theme. This theme is anchored to the notion that a world-class student experience is one that infuses inquiry throughout the curriculum, and values discovery and innovation as core learning principles in the disciplines. Join us for this brown bag session as Dr. Laura Moriarty, Vice Provost for Academic and Faculty Affairs, facilitates a discussion about how VCU is meeting this vision, and share your ideas and questions about what constitutes a world-class student experience.

  • Apr 29, 2011
    Managing Change in the Classroom: Overcoming Resistance to New Teaching Techniques

    Let's face it, change for most people is uncomfortable. When it comes to new teaching techniques, change is particularly uncomfortable because there are real consequences. Consequences for the students in terms of their grades, and consequences for faculty in terms of their evaluations Both course grades and teaching evaluations can determine the future for either party. Yet, many of us know that what we are currently doing isn't necessarily working as well as it could. So how do we overcome our own inertia, much less that of our students or colleagues? Please join us for a conversation about how to best manage change in the classroom.

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