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Classroom Performance System

Troubleshooting: Students


Common problems experienced while registering clickers.

This could be due to a number of different issues, please scan the typical ones below for help

  • Where is my clicker’s serial number?
    Your clicker’s serial number will be displayed on the LCD screen on your clicker as soon as you turn it on. It begins with a lower-case r and is followed by a combination of 6 case-specific letters and numbers. When you type in the serial number into the appropriate field in Blackboard, make sure you type in all 7 characters (case specific).

  • I don’t have a class key, do I need one?
    You only need a class key if your instructor has indicated that you should register your clicker at Einstruction.com (CPS Online). If this is the case, your instructor should provide you with the class key and instructions on how to register it at Einstruction.com (CPS Online). If you are instructed to register your clicker via Blackboard, then you will not need a class key. You may have to register your clicker through blackboard in one class and then at Einstruction.com (CPS Online) for another class but never register your clicker at both places for the same class.

  • I tried to register my clicker but I keep getting the following message
    “You may not register for this class as of yet as your instructor has not set it up. Please try again later after your instructor has set up the class.”

    A couple of things might be happening here. The obvious would be to take the message literally. Sometimes faculty have not turned the CPS feature on in Blackboard so go ahead and email your professor and let them know that you are trying to register your clicker to their class through blackboard and that you are receiving this message. They will either tell you that they have already and that their must be something else going on, or you will be the first of many students who will be emailing them and they will quickly realize that they have forgotten to turn it on.

    Another possibility is that you may not be in the right blackboard class.
    Some professors have two blackboard sites, one for the lab and one for the lecture. Make sure you are in the right class before you email your professor

  • When I try to register my clicker, I keep getting the message that my clicker is currently being used by another student.
    There are two possible explanations for this. First, if you have a used clicker or if you bought or obtained one second hand, it may already be associated with a previous user. A second reason that this happens is students may forget their original username and password that they set up when they first used their clicker. As such, they create a new username and password and the system will treat you like a new user and will recognize that the clicker serial number that you are trying to enter already belongs to someone else—you, under a different username and password. If either of these scenarios are what you are experiencing, you will have to call the Einstruction tech support number below for assistance. Ask them to wipe off one of the usernames and passwords and to keep the other.

  • The payment page will not display, all I get is a blank page.
    This is easy, you have a pop-up blocker active on your computer and it is preventing the Einstruction payment page from loading inside of Blackboard. Back up and deactivate your pop-up blocker and then proceed.

  • I think I have registered my clicker, but how do I know?
    Everyone who registers successfully should be issued a PAD ID (or #) on the final page of the registration process. You will be issues a number that corresponds with the order in which you registered your clicker. For instance, if you were the 23rd person to register your clicker for this class, then you would be issued a PAD ID of 23. Normally, you will have a different number for each class because it would be highly unlikely that you would be the 23rd person to sign up for more than one class—but it is possible.

    In addition, you should receive an email confirmation that you have successfully
    • created a CPS account (username and password)
    • registered for the course
    • paid for the semester (or lifetime code)
    • Make sure that you save these emails for future reference

  • I am one of two students who have the same PAD ID in my class.
    This is very rare. However, technically speaking, it is possible that there are two students in two different locations who are registering their clickers for the same class at the same time. If these two students submit their payment at the exact same time, it is possible that they would be issued the same PAD ID simultaneously. If this happens, please contact the Einstruction tech support number and let them fix the problem.

Common problems with clickers in the classroom.

  • What should I do if my remote won’t turn on, or stay on?
    This sounds like either need new batteries or a new remote. Try replacing the batteries first. If it continues to malfunction, then call the Einstruction tech support number below and they will send you a form that you can take to the bookstore that will allow you to replace your old remote with a new one for no extra cost

  • What should I do if my remote turns on but it won’t join the receiver in the room?
    This could be due to a couple of different issues. First, I would contact the professor to see if you show up on their CPS roster. If you do show up, make sure that the serial number on their roster directly corresponds with the serial number on your remote. Sometimes students type in the wrong number or type a B instead of an 8. If you have successfully registered and the serial numbers match up, ask the professor to re-sync the class one more time to see if you show up. If all of this fails then you will need to call the Einstruction tech support number below

  • My remote indicates that my responses are being received but I don’t see my clicker number (PAD ID) light up on the screen.
    Contact your professor to make sure that they have the same PAD ID # for you that you have in your records. Remember, you will have a different PAD ID # for each class and it might be that you are looking for the wrong number to light up when your real number is lighting up as you send in your responses.


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