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Classroom Performance System

Troubleshooting: Faculty


  • I’ve engaged a lesson but no one is able to join the channel
    First, if you are using CPS with multiple classes or sections, check to make sure that you have pulled up the appropriate class for the lesson. Just after you engage a lesson you will see an intermediate screen that allows you to make some final decisions before the lesson is fully engaged. You can select different class roster on this intermediate page.

    Second, check to make sure that the receiver is still working. To do this, go to the Settings option on the uppermost menu bar in the CPS software and select Delivery Options, then select the Receiver tab, then Detect CPS Receiver. The program will automatically begin to look for the receiver. You will see a green check mark when the receiver has been detected or a red X if it doesn’t detect one. Please contact Media Support Services (828-1098) if the receiver cannot be detected

  • I’ve engaged a lesson and a number of students cannot join
    This usually happens at the very beginning of the semester. The best thing to so when this happens is to let your students know that you will save the last 5 minutes of class to troubleshoot with them. Meet with them while you have your CPS roster up and make sure that they are in your roster and have entered their serial number correctly. 90% of the time they have either not registered at all or they have entered the wrong serial number

  • Some common problems with CPS and PowerPoint
    • If you use PowerPoint inside of CPS and you get an error message that the file cannot be found, then you probably added the ppt. file in your office from your PC and CPS cannot locate the file. When you are using PowerPoint inside of CPS, always save the PowerPoint to the same memory stick (flashdrive) that contains your CPS database. When you get to your classroom, move both files—your cps database and your ppt slideshow onto the computer desktop and create the link after you get to the classroom and not in your office.
    • If you are using the CPS for PowerPoint software, you will need to have PowerPoint 2003 or higher on your computer prior to the installation or the files will not be compatible.
    • If you have a lot of multimedia embedded in your PowerPoint slides, then you should run CPS and PowerPoint separately and toggle between the two—covering the material on your slides and then asking questions via the Verbal feature in CPS. When you embed your PowerPoint with multimedia and then embed your PowerPoint into CPS you run the risk of slowing the system down and potentially locking it up.

  • Do the old clickers (blue and orange with a red and green light) work with the new ones?
    We are currently phasing out the old (Gen 1) remotes that are blue and orange and have not LCD display. However, there are still a number of them still in circulation. Both types of remotes will work with CPS. However, Troubleshooting with students who have these older remotes is a little different. The following bullets are for Troubleshooting with the older remotes only:
    1. When you turn on the remotes, you should see two solid lights (one green and one red) come on, immediately remove your finger and then you should see a slow blinking red light. This means the remote is on and the batteries are in reasonable condition. If you get solid lights that remain solid, first change the batteries. If this doesn't help, call the einstruction tech support number and ask them for the form that will allow you to exchange the remote for a new one at the bookstore at no cost.
    2. With the older remotes, you have to manually join a channel. Select join, then select the channel number, then send. You should see a fast blinking red light. The red light will continue to blink rapidly until it gets a signal from the receiver in the room. Once this occurs, you should see a slow blinking green light. Now the remote is on and communicating with the receiver.
    3. The remote should remain on and in contact with the receiver for the duration of the class period. If the remote should turn itself off before the end of the class period, then your batteries are probably low. If you have success sending in responses at the beginning of the class but have difficulty sending in responses at the end of the period, you probably have weak batteries.
    4. If students cannot join the channel (as indicated by a continuous fast blinking red light), then they are probably failed to properly register for your course. Check your roster to verify that they are indeed registered for your class and that their serial number matches the one you have on your roster.

  • General advice regarding the use of flash drives
    If CPS locks up on you, you may be running the database off of your flashdrive. When you get to the classroom, always click and drag the files (CPS database and/or PowerPoint) from your flash drive to the desktop and run the computer and not your flash drive. Also, always use the USB port that is on the front of the computer and not the one at the podium. The one on the podium is attached to the computer via a cable they may have shaken loose or has become disconnected.

  • How do I prevent CPS from synching every time at start-up...it is taking forever!
    Open CPS and go to the Prepare Tab and then the Classes & Students Tab and then highlight your class and select Edit (or you can simply double-click on the class) and a new window will appear. Inside that window, select the Online Class Options and then de-select the option for Automatically Sync Class when CPS Starts. I would certainly recommend doing this for all of your old classes. If you choose to do it to a current class then make sure you hit the Sync button every once in while to import any additional roster changes (adds / drops). The Sync button is available under the Prepare Tab and the Classes & Students Tab.


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