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Classroom Performance System

Getting Started with CPS

To get started with CPS, please proceed through the following steps in order:

(Click here to view tutorial on setting up CPS for the first time)

Download correct version of CPS to your office computer or laptop

Turn CPS on in Blackboard (allows students to register their clicker)

Register your own clicker into your course (optional)

Create a Database

Download your BB class and roster into your database

Clicker registration instructions for students

  1. Download correct version of CPS:
    Please download the latest version of CPS from the einstruction website. We are currently using and supporting CPS version 6.70 and CPS for PowerPoint version 6.70. To download the version that we currently support at VCU, click on the link below:
  2. Turn CPS on in Blackboard:
    Turning CPS on in Blackboard allows your students to easily register their clickers to your course. The CPS software will automatically sync with blackboard every time you launch it. This will automatically update your CPS roster. Also, you can upload a CPS lesson into the Blackboard Gradebook with a single click.

    For best results, use Mozilla Firefox
    1. Login into Blackboard and enter the class in which you will be using CPS
    2. Make the course available (at least temporarily until you have enables CPS). To do this in BB9, go to Customization in the control panel and select Properties. Option #3 on this page allows you to set the Course Availability.
    3. Next, select Tools / Communications from the main menu on the left
    4. Select CPS Connection
    5. Select My CPS Page
    6. This page lists the courses in which you are listed as an instructor. Select the Enable button that is next to the course in which you want to use CPS
    7. If this is the first time that you have used CPS, you will be prompted to set up an Einstruction Instructor Account (username and password). Please write this down somewhere and keep it for your reference as you will need it again the next time you teach with CPS.
    8. Enter your course’s start and end dates. The Instructor setup code should pre-populate in the appropriate field. If it does not pre-populate, you can enter it manually – PSU092474.
    9. The next page should provide a confirmation that you have successfully enabled CPS in your Blackboard course.
    10. Upon selecting OK, you will arrive on the page where all of your Blackboard courses are listed (see “e” above). You can now enable CPS in other courses that you teach if necessary.
  3. Register your own clicker into your course (optional):
    This step is not necessary in order to use CPS in the classroom. However, we recommend that new users take this step in order to be able to practice and grow more comfortable with the technology.

    In order to register a clicker into your course, you must obtain a CPS Starter Kit form the CTE. The starter kit contains a CPS receiver, a CPS clicker, and a lifetime enrollment code for your clicker so you don’t have to pay. When you are done with the starter kit, please return it to the CTE
    1. Contact the CTE for a CPS Starter Kit and an “fs account”
    2. Enroll yourself into your course (your fs account)
      1. Go to Users and groups in the control Panel
      2. Select Users
      3. Select Enroll User
      4. Type in your fs account username (fs_eid) and then select Submit
      5. You should receive an immediate confirmation as to whether the enrolment was successful or not
    3. If successful, logout of Blackboard
    4. Log back into Blackboard using your fs account username and password
    5. Select Tools / Communications
    6. Select CPS Connection
    7. Select My CPS Page
    8. The next page will list all of the courses in which you are enrolled as a student. Select the downward arrow next to the class in which you which you wish to register your clicker and select Add Pad.
    9. If this is the first time you have registered a clicker, you will be prompted to set up a new Einstruction Student Account. Because you have already set up an Einstruction Instructor Account ((step 2g above), and to avoid username / password management issues, we recommend turning on your clicker and using your clicker’s serial number as you username and password. Regardless of what you use for your Einstruction student account, please write it down as you may need it later.
    10. The next page should provide you with the opportunity to enter your enrollment code (comes with the starter kit). Select the box indicating that you have read the return policy and select next.
    11. The next page should confirm that you have successfully registered your clicker to this class. You will be assigned a clicker number which is based on the order in which you registered you clicker—1st person is assigned clicker #1 and so forth.
  4. Create a CPS Database:
    When you launch the CPS program for the first time, you will be asked if you want to “open an existing database” or “create a new database.” You should “create a new database.” You will only have to do this once. The database will eventually house three categories of data: (1) all of your classes and class rosters, (2) all of your questions, and (3) all of the student response data. You should name the database using a convention that is easy to remember like your name (e.g. john.cps, doe.cps, or johndoe.cps).
  5. Download your BB class and roster into your database:
    After your database has been created, you will be taken to the main interface of the software. From this page
    1. Select the Prepare Tab
    2. Select Classes and Students
    3. Select Import
    4. Select Blackboard
    5. Enter your Einstruction Instructor account info (username and password – step 2g above) and select Virginia Commonwealth University form the dropdown menu.
    6. Place a check next to the course(s) that you want to import into CPS from Blackboard and advance.
    7. Upon a successful import, you should see your class on the left hand frame. If you highlight the class you should see the students who have successfully registered their clicker to date. You should see at least one student listed assuming you registered your own clicker into your course. Each time you launch CPS, your database will sync with Blackboard and will add any additional students who have registered their clicker since the last time you opened your database.

  6. Clicker registration instructions for students
    *Clicker Registration works best when using Mozilla Firefox*
    1. Select course from the "My Course" area of My Blackboard
    2. Choose "Tools/Communications" button from the main menu on the left – then "CPS Connection" – then "My CPS Page"
    3. All of the courses in which CPS has been enabled for student use are listed on the next page. To register your clicker, click on the drop down arrow to the right of the course name and select "New pad"
    4. Enter your serial number (appears on CPS clicker screen when turned on) and then choose "Create Your Account"
    5. If you already have a CPS username and password, then enter it – otherwise, create a CPS username and password, and choose “Submit” (write this info down as you will likely need it for the next semester).
    6. The next screen will prompt you for a payment. Upon successfully submitting your payment, you will receive a confirmation page that includes your pad (clicker) number for this class. Make sure that you write down your clicker number for this class. If you do not receive this confirmation page, then you have not successfully registered your clicker. Please contact the VCU Help desk for asistance 828-2227

Click here to view tutorial on setting up CPS for the first time

Now you are ready to begin creating lessons and questions. For help with this, please see Authoring and Delivering Questions.


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