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Techniques for Assessing
Learner Reactions to Instruction

Assessing Learner Reactions to Teaching and Teachers


  1. CHAIN NOTES - instructor composes a question that captures how involved the students are in the lecture. The question should be able to be answered quick, honest and anonymous that is put into a folder that is passed around the lecture. Gives the professor opportunity to find out how engaged the students are in the course and the lecture. (Example question: What are they focusing their attention on or how well??).

  2. ELECTRONIC MAIL FEEDBACK - instructor poses a question via e-mail to get feedback about his/her teaching and the students can respond through a personal yet anonymous e-mail.

  3. TEACHER-DESIGNED FEEDBACK FORMS - instructors should give out feedback forms randomly throughout the semester. The instructor makes a feedback form consisting of three to five questions about their teaching and are based solely on teaching goals in that course. Coordinate a carefully worded and focused response sheet to get anonymous feedback about the class.

  4. GROUP INSTRUCTIONAL FEEDBACK TECHNIQUE (GIFT) - someone other than the instructor organizes three questions to evaluate the course and gives it out for the students to answer.
    · What works?
    · What doesn't?
    · What can be done to improve it?
    This person then reviews the responses and figures out the most frequent answers, summarizes them, and reports it to the instructor.

  5. CLASSROOM ASSESSMENT QUALITY CIRCLES - groups of students organize a structured assessment of course materials, activities, and assignments. The various groups meet with the instructor to give feedback on the quality of the course.

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