About the Event

There is a growing interdisciplinary consensus that traditional reductive approaches to research in the life science are not only not the only approach to life sciences research, but they may not always be the best approaches to some aspects of life science research. In fact, some investigators are believe that many aspects of biology cannot be explained by simple reductive reasoning. Thus, there is a vision that life is 'complex'; i.e., the product of properties that emerge when macromolecules, gene products, processes and pathways interact in responsive networks that mediate biological activities that could not have been predicted from knowledge of only a fraction of the components. This concept, a fundamental of Systems Biology, is rapidly changing the landscape of modern biological research.

The intent of the Summit is to provide a highly interactive, interdisciplinary conference that contains strategic and visionary presentations aimed at attendees who are leaders in their fields. The goal is to influence research and develop plans of the future, which will allow investigators, department chairs, and others in Universities and Industry to forge the new relationships needed to capitalize on this rapidly advancing science.

Program contributors include leaders in the field as well as representatives from important funding agencies and the government. The sessions are designed to provide attendees with important insights into the recent advances in systems biology, and its contribution to the advancement of science and medicine.

Interested researchers are also invited to submit an abstract for presentation during the Summit sessions or as a poster.

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We look forward to seeing you at the Summit!