Welcome to the

Fourth Summit on Systems Biology!

This Summit on Systems Biology: Molecular Networks and Disease - the Diseaseome is planned for June 15-17, 2011 in Richmond, Virginia, located two hours south of Washington, DC, just off Interstate 95, within easy reach of the Washington metro area.

The overarching goal of this summit is to bring together key individuals working in fields involving molecular medicine and its application to the diagnosis or treatment of disease and to encourage discussion and interaction among attendees. Sometimes also called personalized medicine or precision medicine, this emerging field is beginning to yield the first fruits of the knowledge of the human genome. The broader goal is also to advance the knowledge of the tools of systems biology in basic biomedical research as well as clinical and translational science. Our specific aims and objectives are:

  • To bring together the leaders in applying systems approaches in molecular medicine to significant problems in basic biomedical research and to foster interaction and collaboration.
  • To engage these leading scientists in a discussion on the application of personalized or precision medicine to biological and biomedical research and on the most expeditious means of implementing the knowledge gained to the diagnosis or treatment of disease.
  • To provide an in depth description of the technologies of that support the “omics” disciplines, especially high through-put sequencing.
  • To engage policy makers in a discussion with scientific research leaders to provide a vision for the future of personalized medicine.

Program Sessions include:

  1.   I  Network Biology in Oncology & Cancer: Basic & Translational Research
  2.  II Networks and Genomics in the Neurobiology of Behavior
  3. III Network Theory and Modeling in Predicting Disease Targets
  4.  IV Systems Biology Approaches to Aging
  5.   V High Throughput Enabling Technologies
  6.  VI Systems Vaccinology
  7.     Poster Session from Submitted Abstracts

Scientists, administrators and leaders from across the nation and globally have given commitments to participate and give lectures. Our goal in this meeting is to attract high profile 'trend setters' in their respective fields and provide an opportunity for other investigators to see the fruit of the successful application of systems approaches to cutting biological questions related to the human genome, with a particular focus on personalized medicine and closing with advances in technology in high throughput sequencing and related disciplines.

We hope to see you there!