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Scientific Visualization Laboratory Along with the genomic revolution has come a concomitant revolution in the both the extent and the complexity of biological data available to the biological and biomedical researcher. This data exists in the form of terabytes of gene sequence data, systems biological data, microarray and other image data, and innumerable other forms of data born from both experimental and “in silico” research efforts. Due to this mountain of data, it is often impossible – without some additional hardware and software facilities – to interpret and to understand this data. Over the past two decades, as a result of attempts to understand complex engineering datasets, the field of scientific visualization emerged as an important adjuvant to scientific research. More recently, the tools and techniques of advanced scientific graphics and visualization, animation, video production, and virtual reality are being used to understand the complexities hidden within “omic” datasets. Scientific visualization is now considered an integral part of Complexity Science research. In response to that need, the Center for the Study of Biological Complexity has completed the first stage building of an Advanced Scientific Visualization Laboratory designed to facilitate the research of its members through the provision of visualization hardware, software, and technical support.

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