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The Center for the Study of Biological Complexity recognizes the integral importance of a strong theoretical and computational arm in its research. The Center complexity theoreticians provide the means by which the complex questions experimentalists face may be answered. This most essential and unique research group in the Center focuses on mathematical, statistical and computational approaches to biological problems. This group currently consists of twelve (12) faculty in eight different departments using theoretical and applied mathematics to develop and apply new approaches to mining polymorphisms in genome sequence data, new strategies for visualizing and mining gene expression and proteomics data, difference equations to biological problems, molecular systematics to assess phylogeny, and exploit multiscale modeling and visualization tools to dissect biological functions, graph theory, network analysis, high performance computational modeling and simulation, dynamical systems, cellular automata modeling, agent-based modeling, biostatistical modeling, microarray analysis, and mathematical biology as applied to research problems arising in the Life and Biomedical Sciences. Additionally, a number of individuals apply physical and computational approaches to study of biological and physical processes involved in receptor-ligand interaction, development of complex functional algorithms for modeling biological reactions or systems, applications of artificial neural nets to control processes and biological modeling, and development of new, bioactive biosensors and biochips. This compact group includes ten (10) investigators, two of whom are recent recruits to VCU. The Center has invested significant resources in hiring five new faculty into this group and will continue to do so in upcoming years. As part of its commitment to train the next generation of theoreticians, the Center, in concert with the Departments of Mathematics and Biology is developing an undergraduate and graduate series of degree programs in mathematical biology/biomathematics.




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