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The unifying vision of the Center for the Study of Biological Complexity centers on the application of the principles of complexity to the revolutionary advances in our understanding of life that have derived from the recent stunning successes deciphering genomes, proteomes and metabolomes. Extending the tenets of discovery science and systems biology, biological complexity espouses the principle that life is more than a sum of its parts and invokes mathematical and computational principles to model and interpret life's processes.

Specific Research Foci

The Center has the broad mission to support research in integrative molecular, cellular and developmental biology. The Center has five specific research foci:

   1) microbial systems biology and pathogenesis,

   2) gene networks in cell biology and cellular control mechanisms

   3) structural biology and pharmacogenomics

   4) environmental and ecological systems

   5) mathematical and computational biology, biomedicine, biophysics
       and biostatistics.



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