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HGMP: Human Genome Mapping Resource Center

Highwire Press (Stanford University)

Human Genome Sciences

HUM-MOLGEN - meetings, positions etc...

IARC p53 Database

Identify Potential Introns

Incyte Genomics

Institute for Genomic Research

Institute for Systems Biology

Institute for Systems Theory in Engineering

Institut Pasteur Biological Software

Interesting YEAST Links

International Society for Computational Biology

Invitrogen (Gibco BRL)

IU euGenes

Japan Science and Technology Corporation

JHU Biomedical Engineering Homepage

Journal of Molecular Biology Online

Max Planck Institute for Molecular Genetics


Microarray Gene Expression Data Group -MGED Group


Molecular Biology of the Cell: MBC ONLINE

Molecular Biology Tools

Mouse Genome Database (MGD)

MRC - Medical Research Council (in South Africa)




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