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Reference Submission

One of the goals of our HHMI Summer Scholars Program is to encourage students to enter a career in biological or biomedical research. Therefore, we ask you to please submit a letter of reference describing your evaluation of this student and his or her potential for a such a career.

1. Download the PDF or .doc file below. The fields in this form can be filled using Adobe Acrobat or Microsoft Word, respectively.

2. This reference requires a written response, that you may wish to prepare before completing the rest of the form. The written response can be pasted into the text box at the bottom.

3. Please e-mail the completed form to If you can not save the form, please print and fax or send it to:

Allison A. Johnson, Ph.D.
HHMI Program Coordinator
1015 Floyd Ave, Room 3115
PO Box 842030
Richmond, VA 23284-0333
Phone: 804-828-6782
Fax: 804-828-1961






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