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HHMI support for this program ended in 2011.  For a list of other research opportunities at VCU, please visit

Our HHMI Science Education and Research Progam at VCU is expanding its undergraduate learning and research opportunities by offering transformational undergraduate teaching, training and research in systems biology. This program builds on our previous successes of VCU Life Sciences in graduate training in systems biology, K12, and community outreach in the broader life sciences. VCU's HHMI Sicence and Education Program offers three opportunites:

  • The Summer HHMI Scholars Program in systems biology;
  • A new broad-based curriculum in systems biology; and
  • Training of current and future faculty to teach systems biology.

The overall goal of our focus on undergraduate education and research, which is incorporated in the HHMI Program, is to better prepare our undergraduate biology majors in the area of systems biology to include math, computer science, the physical sciences and engineering so they can better compete in 21st century biological and biomedical research.


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