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This degree program directly addresses the well-documented need to train life scientists who are able to integrate multiple disciplines, have strong technological and computational skills and are sufficiently flexible in their training to be able to easily move among different projects and research venues. These highly trained scientists will be among the researchers who make the most significant advances in life science research in academic, industry and government settings during the coming decades. This degree program responds to what others and we believe will be the focus of life science research in the 21st Century.

The program has been specifically designed not to have disciplinary walls that constrict the research possibilities available to students, allowing them to develop research questions that draw from the many areas in the interdisciplinary concept, faculty members from departments and centers spanning the life sciences on both the Academic and Medical campuses are participating in this program. Thus, while this program encompasses interdisciplinary fields beyond Bioinformatics, the program's design provides an excellent venue for Bioinformatics-interested students to pursue doctoral training in their chosen field.

Please visit http://www.vcu.edu/lifesci/phd/overview/index.html for more information.