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New book by Don Mikulecky and Jim Coffman

VCU Professor Don Mikulecky coauthored a new book on climate change, the global economy and politics. Dr Mikulecky is a Senior Fellow in the VCU Center for the Study of Biological Complexity and his coauthor, Jim Coffman, is an Associate Professor at the Mount Desert Island Biological Laboratory in Maine. Their book entitled: "Global Insanity: How Homo sapiens Lost Touch with Reality while Transforming the World" deals with the fact that the global economy that sustains the civilized world is destroying the biosphere. The assert that a result, civilization, like the Titanic, it is on a collision course with disaster and changing course via the body politic appears to be well nigh impossible, given that much of the populace lives in denial. They go on to answer the questions:Why is that? And how did we get into such a fix?

The book's webpage can be found here.