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The accelerated Bachelor to Master degree program permits selected students majoring in bioinformatics to earn the bachelor and master degrees in a minimum of five years by taking certain graduate-level courses during the senior year of the undergraduate program.

Students enrolled follow the regular undergraduate core curriculum and chosen track, except that they take up to six credits in the bioinformatics master curriculum in each of the final two semesters of their undergraduate studies. These courses will be applied toward the undergraduate degree requirement and the gradute degree chosen by the student (Master of Science in Bioinformatics or Master of Bioinformatics). The following are bioinformatics graduate classes that students may take in the final semesters of their undergraduate studies:

- BNFO 620 Bioinformatics Practicum or BNFO 508 Introduction
to Bioinformatics Research
(replaces BNFO 420 Applications in

- Course work taken to meet master cross-track requirements to replace undergraduate program electives*;

- Graduate course within the track to replace a BS-track required or an elective course.*

Students will choose to follow either the Master of Science in Bioinformatics or Master of Bioinformatics programs for the graduate portion of their degree. Students will receive both degrees simultaneously upon completion of all requirements. A complete description of the masters program in bioinformatics is provided in the “VCU Life Sciences” section of the Graduate Bulletin online.