Personal Information
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Home Institution:
St. Johns University/
College of St. Benedict

Collegeville, Minnesota

More Recent Contact Info:
     Location: Washington, DC
     Present Occupation:Teaching 10th grade geometry at Ballou SHS in SE Washington, DC as a Teach for America corps member... I'm also enrolled in a Master's program in teaching for the time being.

Home mentors
Dr. Robert Dumonceaux

Dr. Robert Hesse

Bioinformatics Computational Core Laboratories
Life Sciences Center, Room 104C
Tel: [867-5309]

VCU Mentor
Dr. Tarynn M. Witten
for the Study of Biological Complexity

VCU Project

Virtual Parasite Project


Last updated 2007 June 21st

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Summer 2007

Research Proposal

Systems Biology Summit Poster


Research article, presented 22 June 2007

The Shape of Things to Come

*complete with*

Presentation Guide


Research presentation (8 August 2007)
3rd Annual VCU-BBSI Closing Symposium

[Title goes here]


Final Research Proposal

[Title goes here]

Academic Year 2006-2007
Research Proposal

Summer 2006

Research Proposal:

A Parasite-Host-Human Mathematical Model and Simulation: Predicting Chagas Prevalence


Research article, presented 13 July 2006:

Dynamic Analysis of a Parasite Population Model


Research presentation 08 August 2006
3rd Annual VCU-BBSI Closing Symposium


Latin America’s Next Top Model:

Predicting Chagas’ Prevalence


NetLogo Simulation Demo used (small version)