VCU Bioinformatics and Bioengineering Summer Institute
Virginia Commonwealth University
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BBSI Participants in Their Own Words

All the comments below come from anonymous surveys
at the end of one of the summers at VCU BBSI

Research projects

This was MY project. I was allowed to make decisions and learn from my own mistakes. For someone who likes independence, this was the best learning experience I could have asked for.

- Member of class of 2003-2004

[Are you satisfied with the progress of your project?]
Yes because I mostly had controlled the progress of it... I have learned so much from my project. I canít think of any other way I could have learned this besides an actual job in this field.

- Member of class of 2007-2008

I believe I made great progress this summer. Not [only] do I have
confidence to perform certain procedures (eg. RNA extraction), but I have the confidence to take initiative to design experiments to my answer my own questions and verify our results. I feel like a real contributor to the question we [were] answering in lab, and must say this is a tremendously satisfying feeling.

- Member of class of 2008-2009

I'm more than satisfied with the progress of my research project because I actually learned a new respect for real science, where the experiment gives the answer and not the textbook. All my life as a teacher, we are taught to depend on the book for the answer, well real science dictates differently.

- Member of class of 2008-2009
[n.b. Each year the program accepts one or two K-12 teachers]

[Did you get sufficient guidance in your project? By whom?] Yes. By both my professor and the grad student I worked with ... the grad student especially is the guy who taught me how to be a graduate student.

- Member of class of 2008-2009

I feel the critiques I received over the presentations I did here were the best I have ever received and have made me a 200% better presenter.

- Member of class of 2003-2004