VCU Bioinformatics and Bioengineering Summer Institute
Virginia Commonwealth University
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BBSI Participants in Their Own Words

All the comments below come from anonymous surveys
at the end of one of the summers at VCU BBSI

Greater Scientific Community

Having these speakers come in and then having lunches with them was the BEST part. I learned SO MUCH.

- Member of class of 2007-2008

Truly loved it, i couldnt get enough of it, everything from opening night through the gala. the whole thing was great and informative.

- Member of class of 2007-2008
[Note: Every other year, the Systems Biology Summit is held at VCU,
bringing together speakers from all over the U.S.
2nd year BBSI participants also present their work]

Talking with the speakers about their career routes was particularly helpful because I could see how their bad decisions were able to be overcome based on good decisions later. But it was also cool to see how many different routes these different successful people took to that success.

- Member of class of 2007-2008

I really liked hearing the experiences of the seminar speakers ....makes the idea of grad school seem not so alien.

- Member of class of 2005-2006

We got to learn about some of the behind the scenes things at the big name research areas where these people work and we got to learn how they got to where they are today.

- Member of class of 2003-2004

I especially found it helpful to learn about how they progressed toward their careers and found their advice useful. They made me start thinking more seriuosly about where I am heading.

- Member of class of 2006-2007