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Virginia Commonwealth University
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BBSI Participants in Their Own Words

All the comments below come from anonymous surveys
at the end of one of the summers at VCU BBSI

Local Scientific Community

Living quarters were close, but this ended up with rather positive results-- many of us spent much of our evenings discussing our work and bouncing ideas off each other.

- Member of class of 2004-2005

I was told in the spring that there would be a wonderful group of people I would be working and living with, and I feel that what I was told was an understatement. It was a pleasure living and working with such motivated and intelligent people. Most people were versed in areas other than science, which brought a lot of flavor to the group.

- Member of class of 2003-2004

Many times the computer people were running to the biology people for explanations and help and vice versa. This is what makes the BBSI program so unique.

- Member of class of 2005-2006

I feel like that with their different backgrounds, it taught me a new way to look at problem solving as I watched how they solved the problems too.

- Member of class of 2007-2008

...variety of skills is the spice of BBSI (and life)

- Member of class of 2007-2008