VCU Bioinformatics and Bioengineering Summer Institute
Virginia Commonwealth University
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BBSI Participants in Their Own Words

All the comments below come from anonymous surveys
at the end of one of the summers at VCU BBSI

Bottom Line

I wouldn't have spent the last 15 months any other way. I've definitely come away with much better research and communication skills.

- Member of class of 2007-2008

Doing the research also gives you more of a direction at school because you can see why everything that you are learning is important.

- Member of class of 2007-2008

10-week summers of this taught me more than the majority of my soon-to-be 4 years of college.

- Member of class of 2007-2008

I learned a lot more biology in the past two summers, too, than I did in all the rest of my life combined.

- Member of class of 2006-2007

I feel like this program has shown me that I'm able to work in grad school and actually succeed. That alone was invaluable.

- Member of class of 2007-2008

I feel like I actually understand what a research career would entail,Ö

- Member of class of 2003-2004

I donít consider bioinformatics/bioengineering a career. On the other hand, the program has motivated me to see how bioinformatics could be regularly implemented as part of my biology career.

- Member of class of 2003-2004 primary focus was bioinformatics...[but] I actually fell in love with the engineering side of this program, and will pursue that in the future. My experience doing hands-on research in the lab absolutely motivated this.

- Member of class of 2008-2009

Best 20 weeks of my life.

- Member of class of 2004-2005