Asbestos Contractor Supervisor

The Supervision of Asbestos Abatement Projects Initial course is a five-day training course, which includes lectures, demonstrations, hands-on laboratory work, individual respirator fit testing and a 100-question, multiple-choice exam that requires a 70 percent passing score. The course is approved by the USEPA under AHERA and by the commonwealth of Virginia and various other states. Completion of this course also will enable the attendee to comply with the "competent person" requirement of the OSHA Standard, 29 CFR 1926.58. Virginia Law requires that all asbestos contractors and supervisors complete a Virginia accredited training program in order to obtain state licensure. Completion of this course will enable a person to apply to become an EPA AHERA accredited contractor or supervisor. Annual updates revisit the information from the initial class with emphasis on current events.

Asbestos Inspector and Management Planner
The Asbestos Inspector course is three days in length and includes lectures, demonstrations, four hours of hand-on training, individual respirator fit testing and a course review. Asbestos inspectors are required by federal law (AHERA) to complete a three-day training course before undertaking school inspections. Virginia law requires inspectors working in the commonwealth to possess licenses. Completion of an accredited course is necessary to obtain the license. Theses courses are both EPA/AHERA and Virginia accredited. A 50-question (multiple-choice) exam, with a passing grade of 70 percent is administrated at the conclusion of the course. The Asbestos Management Planner course is two days in length. The inspector course must be successfully completed prior to enrolling in the Management Planner course. The Management Planner course is required under AHERA for persons who prepare asbestos management plans for schools. Moreover, Virginia law requires all management planners working in the commonwealth to possess a management planner’s license. Persons who perform inspections of day-care centers in Virginia must have management planner licenses. This course covers procedures for developing an asbestos management plan and has a 50-question exam that requires a minimum passing score of 70 percent.

Asbestos Project Designer
This course is intended to enable persons attending to comply fully with the AHERA requirements for project design training. Material covered encompasses all elements specified for project design course in the AHERA regulations, 40 CFR Subpart E, Appendix C. These include health effects, safety system design specifications, PPE, fiber aerodynamics and control, design of abatement solutions, preparation of drawings, regulatory and liability issues, economic issues, and more.

Asbestos Project Monitor
Virginia licenses and regulates asbestos project monitors pursuant to state law. Project monitors are required on some Virginia asbestos abatement projects. Both Virginia 16- and 40-hour courses are offered. Persons already licensed as supervisors or project designers are required to take 16-hour course, persons without this background must take the 40-hour course. Subjects covered will include air monitoring, supervisory techniques, fiber aerodynamics, project spec, occupied buildings and more. This class is taught for project monitors who wish to become licensed in Virginia.

Annual Asbestos Refreshers
Virginia Commonwealth University offers annual update courses for asbestos contractors, supervisors, workers, inspectors, management planners, project monitors and project designers. The annual update courses have a two-fold purpose. They are intended to enable persons attending to comply fully with AHERA accreditation maintenance requirements. They also entitle Virginia attendees to comply with Virginia licensure regulations. Material covered encompasses all elements specified for courses in the AHERA regulations including liability issues, state-of-the-art equipment, economic issues and more. Persons with Virginia asbestos licenses need to bring their license numbers to registration.