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Graduate Programs

Master of Environmental Studies
Master of Science in Environmental Studies | CoursesResources

Master of Science in Environmental Studies
The Center offers a Master of Science in Environmental Studies that focuses on environmental planning, environmental science, environmental health and environmental technology. Graduates may then find employment in government, nonprofit, and public and private sector positions.

For more information on the program and courses, see the VCU Life Sciences section in the online Graduate and Professional Programs Bulletin.

PhD in Interdisciplinary Life Sciences

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Core requirements (9 credits)
ENVS 601 Survey of Environmental Studies
ENVS 603 Environmental Research Methods
STAT 543 Statistical Methods I (or equivalent)

Thesis (maximum of 6 credits; Research Option only)
ENVS 697/698 Research and Thesis

Electives (6 courses or 18 credits; courses must represent at least two of the disciplines below)

Environmental studies
ENVS 550 Ecological Risk Assessment
ENVS/ANTH 556 Historical and Cultural Landscapes
ENVS 590 Environmental Studies Seminar
ENVS 591 Special Topics
ENVS 692 Independent Study
ENVS 693 Internship in Environmental Studies

Environmental policy
ENVS/PADM 628 Environmental Policy and Administration
ENVS 660 Virginia Environmental Law and Regulation
ENVS 691 Business and the Environment
ENVS 691 Environmental Ethics
PADM 601 Principles of Public Administration
GVPA/ENVS 640 River Policy
URSP 650 Environmental Planning
URSP 652 Environmental Analysis

Environmental science
BIOL 501 Community Ecology
BIOL 510 Conservation Biology
BIOL 514 Stream Ecology
BIOL/ENVS 532 Water Pollution Biology
BIOL 591 Applied and Environmental Microbiology
ENVS 650 Pesticides, Health and the Environment
ENVS 655 Environmental Hydrology
ENVS 670 Pollution Physiology
ENVS 691 Environmental Chemistry
PMCH/ENVS 610 Environmental and Occupational Epidemiology

Environmental Technology
URSP/ENVS 521 Introduction to GIS
ENVS 602 Environmental Technology
ENVS/URSP 654 Environmental Remote Sensing
URSP/ENVS 691 Environmental Applications of GIS
ENVS 691 Environmental Informatics




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