Nest supplementation

VCU departmental affiliation:
Center for Environmental Studies, VCU Rice Rivers Center

Office: (804) 828-2428, Room 107
Hours: By appointment

External affiliation:
Department of Epidemiology and Community Health
Department of Biostatistics

• Candidate, PhD, Integrated Life Sciences, Virginia Commonwealth University, Richmond, VA 
• M.S. (Environmental Studies) Virginia Commonwealth University, 2004
• B.S. (Biology), Virginia Tech, 1981

Research interests:
My research interests include the ecology of large rivers particularly tidal freshwater river systems. The focus of my research is avian and fish communities occupying tidal rivers and associated wetland and riparian habitats. I collaborate with a number of faculty from VCU and other Virginia institutions on a long-term nest box study of Prothonotary Warblers (Protonotaria citrea) nesting within forested wetlands of the upper, tidal fresh James River, VA.  I am also interested in trophic interactions of avian and fish communities in the Chesapeake Bay and the impact of fishery management on abundance and distribution of avian piscivores such as Bald Eagles and Osprey. My dissertation research is a phylogeographic and population genetic analysis of North American Osprey and Bald Eagles. I hope to evaluate the contributions of historical events, coastal landscapes, and bio-climatic variables to past and current population genetic structure and connectivity.

Research Publications:
Goodrich, L. J., C. Viverette, S. E. Senner, and K. L. Bildstein.  1998. Long-term use of Breeding Bird Census plots to monitor populations of Neotropical migrants breeding in deciduous forests in eastern Pennsylvania, USA.  Pp. 149-164 in Forest biodiversity in North, Central and South America, and the Caribbean: research and monitoring, F. Dallmeier and J. A. Comiskey, eds.  Man and the Biosphere Series Vol. 21. Parthenon Publishing, Pearl River, NY.

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Viverette, C.B. 2004. A longitudinal analysis of the James River fish assemblage. M.S. Thesis. Virginia Commonwealth University. Richmond, VA

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